Top 5 HR Articles of the Month – March’20

Discover in this post our selection of some of the best articles related to the world of Human Resources for the month of March.

1. The Best Leaders Give Their Time to Others

Many consultants say leaders should spend 90 percent of their time growing and innovating their business. But I strongly believe that if you discipline yourself to invest most of your time with your people, in the time that remains you’ll be more productive and focused on growth and innovation—and you’ll come out ahead by attending to your most important asset.

By: Lolly Daskal

2. Here’s Why HR Is Critical For Digital Transformation Success

Digital transformations are about helping people make better decisions and take quicker actions. That’s why there needs to be multiple voices and stakeholders from different parts of the business involved. Without those varying perspectives, you risk mismanaging implementations as training employees need for new processes, behavior, and, sometimes, roles won’t be adequate.  ç
By: Willem Sundblad

3. Most Hierarchies Fail to Support Frontline Workers

Innovation will be constrained if we continue to think of it as a top-down process. Every organization has many frontline employees capable of making impactful decisions if they are only given the power to do so. Frontline employees are the closest point of contact to a customer, the boardroom the furthest. Enabling these workers to understand, and more importantly act, on the data they generate daily can be a game-changing opportunity.
By: John Schwarz

4. Do you have a talent supply committee at your company?

It’s about ensuring the organization is doing everything it can, within the goals and strategies of the company, to ensure there is a viable talent supply near and long term.

By: Tim Sackett

5. HR Technology Shifts Toward Experience Focus in Latest Report

Over the next few years, the amount and use of talent focused apps will only increase. The level of competition in this area is already, as Bersin describes it, “brutal”, breaking down into niches along the talent management spectrum such as learning, recruitment, performance management, rewards, engagement, wellbeing and payroll.

By: David Rice

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