Top 5 HR Articles of the Month – February’21

Discover in this post our selection of some of the best articles related to the world of Human Resources for the month of February.

1. Can Tech People Thrive in Non-Tech Roles?

Historically, organizations seeking to acquire technical skills opted to hire additional tech talent. Now that the market for these employees has become so competitive and a post-Covid economy is squeezing budgets even further, reskilling has emerged as a way to improve internal mobility and tap into a supply of talent that organizations have largely ignored.

By: Jeff Mazur

2. Employee Relations as a Team Sport

Employee relations is very much a team sport, and you want it to be a cohesive team instead of the gym class equivalent of picking teams. Here’s how to make your employee relations team win the championship.


By: Evil HR Lady

3. Why It’s Important to Be a Recruitment Marketing All-Rounder (and How to Be One)

Becoming a 360 marketer is the goal to strive for in our current recruitment climate. This pandemic has left the job market volatile, and your team are counting on you to be able to adjust your strategy quickly in response. Expanding your marketing skill set so you can own your strategy end-to-end will make you indispensable to your employer and it’s awesome for your self-development too.

By: Amy McLaughlin

4. Employee wellbeing: critical for business success

Investment in health and wellbeing is crucial to attract and retain talent. Businesses who take the time to invest in their employee’s health will reap the benefits of being at the front-end of recruiting and retaining talent.

By: Alaana Woods

5. Grievance and possibility

Organizations/partnerships/systems that are usefully focused on possibility don’t deny that there are reasons for grievance, that there have been actions and omissions that must be addressed. In fact, they adopt a posture of forward motion as the best way to address the problems that came before.

By: Seth Godin

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