The Role of Working Teams in the New Era

Today, teams are both assigned a central role and transformed into something different from what we were familiar with, through the changes underway and the importance of technology.


Among the top factors within the changes companies experience nowadays, we must not neglect to mention the role of working teams and their new configuration. This is a phenomenon closely linked to the possibilities currently offered by technology.

The notion of individualized employee development is giving way to the idea of teams as the true engine of organizations. In turn these teams are manifesting their own metamorphosis: from static groups dependent on geography into a dynamic model that does not factor in the location of team members for their integration.

There is nothing out of the ordinary to increasingly see how the model for flexible, agile organizations is taking root. Such models are structured around temporary and often globally dispersed work teams, in contrast to the old framework which can no longer come up in time with responses that customers need today.

In this context, to obtain and maintain competitive advantages, companies must be able to innovate in keeping in with the changes and their challenges. The digital environment itself requires them to work collaboratively and to transition from hierarchical organization systems to team networks that can adapt to rapidly mutating conditions.

This is how constantly mobile work teams arise, with people who flit from team to a team and do not stay in fixed configurations. This process is intensified for various reasons. One of which is undeniably the growing prevalence of millennial talent who are more receptive to these new rules.

However, the best facilitator is technological advance. Without the fluency and communication enabled by today’s tools, it would be utopic to conceive of teams that can work remotely, regardless of location, schedule or company area to which each team member belongs.

To manage teams in a completely new, meshed way thus becomes another reason to finish the digital transformation journey as soon as possible, as this is essential for enabling and managing these processes efficiently.

But it is not just a question of timing, but also of hitting the nail on the head with the right solution. A solution with the necessary flexibility to support these new ways of working and that can optimize the interaction between different members of the organization. This aspect becomes increasingly relevant in this phase where teams are the stars.

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