Our Best HR & Tech Posts Selection – December 2014

Get Ready for 2015: Ten Top Actionable Talent Acquisition Trends, by Robin Erickson in Bersin by Deloitte

You know you will need to hire new employees in the new year—but are you ready? Will your competition out-engage you in your marketplace? And what will you do if you cannot find the talent you need when you need it? This afternoon, my colleague Katherine Jones, Ph.D. and I presented a webinar that outlined ten actionable trends that we think will make a difference in talent acquisition (TA) in 2015. If you missed it, you can check out the live tweets at #PFLiveChat and here is a brief recap…

Knowledge Is Personal, by Harold Jarche in his blog

Knowledge management, for me, is personal.

A big conceit of the knowledge management (KM) field is that knowledge can be transferred, but unlike information or data, it cannot. Knowledge is personal. While knowledge cannot really be transferred, our experiences can be shared. Perhaps that is why we love stories. They are a glimpse into others’ knowledge, more nuanced than any other communication medium.

 9 Reasons to Conquer Self-Doubt and Start Believing in Yourself by Minda Zetlin in Inc.com

Getting lots of input on important issues is a good idea. It can help you be successful when, without expert help, you might fail. But it can turn into a problem if you’re depending on other people’s opinions because you have no confidence in your own. There’s a fine line between the two–I know because I’ve crossed it more than once. If I have to make an important decision I tend to ask for advice and opinions from people who seem smarter than I am. Then I ask for a few more. By the time I finally settle on something, it’s been crowdsourced…

Content Marketing Predictions for Talent Acquisition in 2015, by James Ellis in Ere.net

“2015 is the year content subsumes marketing and brands realize that content is the atomic particle of every aspect of marketing.” – Shane Snow, Contently

It’s old hat to say that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos defined “brand” as what people say about you when you aren’t in the room. But even if that’s true, Bezos has only identified the situation without prescribing a way of changing it. If you can’t be in the room to change the brand, what can we do to influence how people talk about you?…

Why You Can’t Trust Your Memory, by Rebel Brown in her website

Our memories aren’t trustworthy. I know, we all think they are. After all, we remember the important experiences in our lives with such vividness. Did you know that our unconscious mind is filling in gaps in our experiences and memories, all the time? So that vivid experience you recall may or may not be what actually happened? We fill in the gaps in our vision, hearing, memories and perceptions, in every moment of every day.

7 Tips to Young Leaders, Lisa Orto in Recruiting Blogs

Every young leader makes mistakes, it’s a normal thing. However one of the main characteristics of a good leader is precaution. If you are a brand new leader, try to follow these tips and you can prevent yourself from making the most common young leaders’ mistakes…

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