Best HR Articles of the Month – October 2016

The 5 Elements of a Strong Leadership Pipeline, by Josh Bersin @Josh_Bersin in

Investments in traditional leadership development are often misguided and a waste of money. It’s not that development itself isn’t important. In a Deloitte study of 7,000 organizations this year, 89% of executives rated “strengthening the leadership pipeline” an urgent issue. That’s up from 86% last year, and the trend makes sense. Organizations are continuously promoting people into management, and those new leaders struggle with the transition. To help them in their new roles, companies spend almost $14 billion a year on courses, books, videos, coaches, tests, and executive education programs — and such spending rose 10% last year…

Why You Need To Create Something Every Day, by Chriss Dessi in

This afternoon I had a compelling conversation with a dear friend of mine. I’m lying. It wasn’t a compelling conversation. It wasn’t really a conversation; it was more of a lecture. And it wasn’t particularly compelling at all. It was kind of boring. It was extremely one sided advice (I did most of the talking). He needed to hear it. I think you need to hear it too. Here is comes. Create something. Every day. That’s it. Simple, right? Wrong….

How Executives Can Use Disruption to Stay Ahead by Eric Vidal @EricVMarketing in

Disruption is hardly a new business concept; change is the only constant. But are you actually prepared for it? According to a Click Z survey, more than 75 percent of respondents were aware of “digital transformation” as an industry term, but less than half had a plan to address it. Technology and business model changes are only half of the battle—businesses must also be prepared to pivot in response to disruptions from other companies. We all know that change is inevitable. Take some simple steps to stay ahead of it…

40 Productivity Hacks High Achievers Use, by Merily Leis @merilyy in

We all have 24 hours each day, and we spend eight to 12 of them at work. But how much of that time is actually productive? You go to the office and start working on a project. In 30 minutes, there’s a team meeting. Then there’s another meeting with your boss. After that, you spend 15 minutes drinking coffee and 30 minutes answering emails. In these 30 minutes, you check your phone six times as the notifications keep popping up. Next’ it’s time for lunch. If you think about your days at work, hours of time is spent procrastinating…

Why you secretly think you work harder than all your coworkers, by Art Markman@abmarkman in

Chances are there was a point—maybe there were several—in the past year when you found yourself sitting angrily at your desk wondering why you had to do so much of the work yourself. You silently cursed your colleagues under your breath as you polished off yet another aspect of that big project. If it weren’t for you, you thought, the entire office might collapse under the combined weight of all its slackers. The same thing might happen at home, too. Spouses and partners routinely fight over who takes care of the chores, and everyone feels like they’re doing more than their fair share.

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